Monday, July 9, 2012

RSL Tourney No1, Classic Tourney and Supreme (***Updated***)

RSL shuttlecocks are quite popular and a favourite of many players.

Managed to obtain some used RSL birdies (Tourney No1, Classic Tourney and Supreme) from the badminton hall I frequent.

The following are pix of the various RSL models after the white covering over the cork on the birdie has been removed.

No1, Classic and Supreme (LHS->RHS)

Supreme, Classic and No1 (LHS->RHS)

The RSL models show the cork deployed in these models are the same.

Thus the difference in pricing for the RSL shuttlecock(s) are due to the difference in feather grade(s)!

Feedback from my regulars are that the RSL shuttlecocks have good flight characteristics but are not durable in a smashing game. We have performed a comparison before and after steaming. The shuttles do last longer after steaming but are not durable enough for a smashing game. Only Supreme does not require steaming but tend to slow down after several hard smashes.

In the past we performed an experiment to determine if the durability was due to different batches. Hence we bought a tube of Classic Tourney from Malaysia, Singapore and HK. The results were consistently the same - as per previously mention.

Atleast the quality was consistant!

Update - 17May2013

Last night, the group next door were using the RSL Tourney Classic and passed a sample four us to (re-)try.

The following pix was after a set of average smashes. The shuttle had to be retired before end of the set. 

Feedback was nice shuttle but durability could be better eg rib cage structure lobsided.


  1. yeah TC is lighter and slower...

  2. Just retried RSL Tourney No1 again last night and is the same as per before. The shuttle's ridcage starts to deform after a few hard smashes. Where's the old No1 from 2008 - we could play 1.5x decent smashing sets of 15-points with a single No1 shuttle!!!