Friday, December 1, 2017

RSL Ultimate (***Update#1***)

Just tried using the RSL Ultimate when I joined a friends' friend session over the weekend.

Pix from internet

Playing using the RSL Ultimate really reminds me of what the Tourney No1 used to be like  ... before 2007, when profits weren't the only thing which matter to the MNC(s).

Performance: Great! Slows only slightly after a few hard smashes, unlike the Supreme which starts "accumulating air-brakes". The Ultimate then retains the "broken-in" performance for quite some time.

Durability: As good as the pre-2007 Tourney No1 aka Very good!

Price: Not cheap but atleast you get what you paid for!


Inside label looks pretty alike the Supreme before the introduction of the Ultimate
2-layer cork structure as per other RSL shuttles

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