Monday, May 1, 2017

Ling-Mei Dimgray

Received couple of samples for testing. The Dimgray is one of their better products.

The Dimgray has a nice solid feel when held. Ribcage structure feels solid. Each shuttle was only good for a game with heavy smashing. Feedback received from the players indicate the shuttles had a nice feel to them.

These are the pix from the rear after usage. Although the pix does not show it so well, both samples are deformed.

Condition of both Dimgray after the game

Here's an interesting "feature" for one of the shuttles tested. Please note the uneven cut of one of the cork layers - it's actually slanted at an angle on one of the samples.
Uneven cut of the layered head

Uneven cut of the cork layers on one shuttle vs the other Dimgray

Prices on the internet for the Dimgray are not cheap. One of my regulars from Malaysia inform that another Ling-Mei model had better durability.


  1. I am interested in buying this shuttle but am not convinced about the quality. What do they compare to in Yonex line up. I usually play with aerosensa 30 or aeroplane eg1130. It would help if you could email me reply to thanks a lot !

    1. This shuttle is between the AS30 and the Aeroplane you are using.

      If you are not convince of the quality, then stick to what you are using. If you are not happy with what you are using, then time to consider alternatives.

      All correspondence will be in this blog.