Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Protech PT-10, Masterpiece and World Class

Our previous favourite was the Masterpiece, as it was good value for money. Quality has since gone downhill. If you play smashing games the rib structure will give way (aka soften) and the shuttle starts to wobble. Otherwise the Masterpiece is should be adequate for most games. In the past, I introduced the Masterpiece to a few groups. One group was previously using Sintec shuttles had to change shuttles after just a few smashes. I gave them a sample to try for a game - it lasted the game and still appeared new!!! Another group was using Victor No:1 - my sample lasted 3 games vs their shuttle which lasted just 1 or 2 smashes! Recent feedback from other groups I contact advised nowadays the quality control has improved but yet to achieve quality of the past.

PT-10 is a product from the local Singapore Protech agent and not available elsewhere. Believe it is similar to the Classic Pro after using both models. Feedback from the group is the PT-10 is good though expensive. Personally I never like the PT-10 as it tends to go faster & faster as the game progresses.

The World Class is one of the more expensive Protech models. It has flight characteristics similar to the RSL(s) thou not as prefect. Durability is much better than the RSL(s). It does not seem to be a popular model in Singapore as not usually available in the shops.

Cork structure seem to be the same for these models. Hence difference must be in the quality of the feathers.

Protech PT-10, Masterpiece and World Class (LHS->RHS)
World Class, Masterpiece and PT-10 (LHS->RHS)


  1. Recent feedback from a few groups is that the Masterpiece quality has improved recently. I received 2 sample shuttles to try out. After I pass them to the players, found they disgarded the shuttles after a while as tends to wobble after several hard smashes. Have advise the other group to try out the process I am using to fix my recent shuttle woes @ http://shuttlecocks4badminton.blogspot.sg/2013/03/what-you-can-try-with-shuttles-which.html

  2. Tried a new batch of WorldClass which were purchased in Jun2013. Seem lighter than before and couple of my regulars commented regarding the degradation of feather durability as well

  3. Joined a group using Masterpiece last night.

    Shuttle seems lighter than in the past. Quite a number of the shuttle's ribcage has tendency to "becaming parallel" (rather than remain V-shape) after a few hard smashes.

  4. Protech shuttles are no longer our De Facto Standard but we will use them when our preferred are not available

  5. PT-10 has good durability but the ribcage structure tends to streamline itself once it has been smashed hard. Thus the PT-10 shuttle goes faster and faster eg akin NOS been fed into the engine in the Fast&Furious series!!

  6. Please refer to http://shuttlecocks4badminton.blogspot.sg/2013/07/protech-pt-10.html for future notes on the PT-10