Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Yang Yang 300B and Li-Ning A300

Both the Yang Yang 300B and Li-Ning A300 are known to be good shuttles.

Both are heavier than the average shuttle and provides a good feel upon hitting them.

Both provide good pleasure for the game thou prices vary depending on locality.

In the past I came across "hear-say" that Li-Ning obtained the A300 from the Yang Yang 300B? Hence reason for the following cut-up of the shuttles below.

Yang Yang 300B vs Li-Ning A300 (LHS->RHS)

No need for intro
The Yang Yang has 3-layers whilst the Li-Ning only 2-layers. So not exactly twins!

Please note the Yang Yang 300B has recently changed their design on the tubes and the review is of an older variation of the same model.


  1. Re-tried a tube of YangYang 300B recently and must say quality has drop significantly since we last used it. Sigh sigh ...

    1. We re-visited using the Li-Ning A300+ since prices for shuttles are set to rise (sooner or later).

      The A300+ shuttles seem to be lighter than what I remembered from the past.

      Doing a quick check at the end of the session reveals many A300+ shuttles with a warp-ed rib cage structure (after a number of smashes). Even so, the feathers seem to be in-tact on most of the shuttles with very few breakages.

      Probably will not be using both the 300B (many required) and the A300+ (costly) in the near future due to cost considerations.

  2. Recently retried using the Yang Yang 300B at a friends game. Ribcage structure still not as solid since we were changing shuttles after few hard smashes. Feathers were not broken though, just that the shuttle wobbling with a deformed ribcage structure.

  3. Must say these 2 well-known shuttles are nowadays like The Hulk being transformed into Pee-Wee Herman eg no longer providing the quality as per in the past.