Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fleet Platinum, F-9000, F-2002 and F-300

We do use Fleet shuttles from time to time, when our de facto standard is not available.

Of the following illustrated here, we have not use the F-300 before - found a sample in the badminton hall.

We discovered the F-2002 was not suitable for smashing games as the shuttles need to be changed after about three hits.

The F-9000 is pretty good quality but hard to came by. It is quite durable and retains the shape even after many hard hits.

The Platinum is the most expensive of the available models. It was our preferred birdie a number of years ago. Quality has drop since. Though the Platinum is still a good shuttle, it tends to be a bit light and the feathers tend to be unforgiving if the player hits it.

Cork structure for the shuttles seem to be the 3-layers, except for F-9000 which has 4-layers.

We currently prefer a different model of the Fleet shuttles. Will update once I open a tube.

Fleet Platinum, F-9000, F-2002 and F-300 in LHS->RHS

Fleet F-300, F-2002, F-9000 and Platinum in LHS->RHS


  1. Tried a new batch of Fleet Platinum when playing with another group today.

    This model of shuttle seem to be heavier than the old batch - still have about 3/4 tube in my store room! Weight feels like in the middle, between my older batch of it and Fleet Gold.

  2. Received a call from the Fleet sales representative for Singapore recently. Gave him feedback from our recent usage of the shuttles - some positives but not all rosey I'm afraid.

  3. Another organiser I know recently feedback that they stop using Fleet shuttlecocks completely as the product quality has degraded significantly.