Monday, December 10, 2012

Ashaway from Dark Blue, Silver and Gold tube

Found these shuttles in the badminton hall.

Cork structure seem to be the same for the various models. Hence difference in quality of feathers only.

In the past, we have played with the Dark Blue, Silver and Gold tube Ashaways.

Personally I think the Dark Blue model to be best value for money for Ashaway shuttles. It was average in terms of durability. Quality control was good for the Dark Blue shuttles.

My group have since shifted away from Ashaway shuttlecocks over the years e.g after 2006.

Order as per pix before it


  1. Recently used a few tubes of the Ashaway Gold when playing with a different group.

    Upon initial use the shuttle seems to be slightly slower than other brands which were rated at Speed-77.

    Flight characteristics are in-general good, with predictable and consistent flight path - just have to remember the slight speed difference (noticable if the organiser was deploying different brands for the night).

    Controlability was acceptable as well.

    Durability is acceptable. It can take some smashing but some samples will tend to give way faster eg 1 in 3 or there abouts.

    Overall a respectable shuttle.

  2. Joined a group using the Ashaway Blue. Characteristics are similar to the Silver but slower than the Silver and faster than the orange. Even so, the Ashaway shuttles seem to be slower than other established brands for the same speed classification.