Monday, January 21, 2013

Protech Platinum Edition

Joined a group who bought a tube of the the Protech Platinum Edition for their weekly game.

This is suppose to be the primo model  (since most expensive from Protech??)

I do not have a pix of the shuttle cork structure but the pix of this model are as per below - pix from internet.

From holding it, the weight of the shuttle seem closer to the Fleet Platinum, than say the Fleet Gold.

Comments from the group I joined today includes good for smashing and not durable for rallies. The tail feathers of the shuttle seems half-snap after a few hits e.g tip at feather ends break closer to the end of a feather. However one of my regulars advises this model of shuttlecock lasts long for his games with another group.

1 comment:

  1. We trial the Platinum again recently.

    Unfortunately we have an issue with durablility during heavy smashing games. Atleast 2 would be required during a set