Saturday, March 23, 2013

Possible workaround for shuttles which seem slower than before or with "softer" (cork) head

Recently came across an unexpected issue with our defacto standard shuttles - some members advised they tend to slow down after crossing the net during a smash. Another symptom was the ribcage structure of the shuttles tend to deform (aka start wobbling) after a few above average smashes. I previously had my suspicions as shots coming towards myself which I reckon to be out, lands within the court (but received no other feedback then).

I suspect the cork used was softer than it should have been as there has been an increase in the number of  ribcage structure disformity in the past couple months or so.

Hence I experimented with leaving the shuttles in an aircond room overnight, as oppose to humidifying them. After several attempts, the process seem to have resolved the issue (so far ... touch wood)

The steps are as per below. I would do so, say a few days before the game.

1. Empty out the shuttles from the tube(s) in a air-cond room
2. Stack the shuttles on the side of the room where the aircond is blowing towards
3. Next morning, collect and reinsert the shuttles back into the tube and reseal the tube
4. Repeat steps 1-3 again another time before you intend to use these shuttles.

Wonder if above would resolve recent issues for a different brand of shuttles in North America???? After all, most of the available shuttlecocks in the market are from China.

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  1. Inspection of the used shuttles from the latest session show vast improvement in the number of deformed shuttles (due to rib structure).

    The other group feedback shuttles are more durable and their speed are now ok as well e.g more consistent over the flight.