Wednesday, May 1, 2013

APAC 800

My group tried the APAC 800 shuttle (black tube with silver lettering) recently.

Shuttle weight is above average e.g felt in-between the Protech Worldclass and Fleet Gold. Rib-cage structure and feather durability was decent. 

Cork structure consists of 4-layers!

Unfortunately quite a number of the players (regulars and visitors alike) fedback the APAC 800 was extremely fast eg like the modified cars from The Fast&Furious after NOS has been fed into the engines!!!

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  1. Another organiser who tried the APAC 800 feedback that the shuttle's rib cage structure maybe durable but had a tendency to became more streamline eg like the swing wings of the F14 Tomcat from Tom Cruise's movie TOP GUN, after being hit hard few times during a set.