Saturday, February 1, 2014

RCL Black No1

As promised, Mr Ang from RCL sent myself a tube of RCL Black No1 and Super Top for review.

We begin with the Black No1. It is sold in tubes with the below colours. Please note the difference of the wordings when compared against the Black Gold/Silver.

Tube colours

As you see below the cock structure for both Black No1 and Super Top are same. Hence difference is the grade of the feathers deployed.

Black No1 (LHS) and Super Top (RHS)
Rear view of the Super Top (LHS) and Black No1 (RHS)
How does the Black No1 fare?

Speed is consistant throughout most of the game - you know when it has to be replaced. Nice feel upon impact. 

Feedback from my regulars includes nice shuttlecock, a bit fragile when compared to the Black Gold/Silver (when playing a heavy smashing game). I observed up-to 3 shuttles were required for a heavy smashing game.

Guess like everything, it's a compromise of performance, feel and durability!

Overall I think it's a good shuttlecock.

A point to note (does not impact the shuttle performance in any way) - the sticker on the shuttles tend to came off easily. At the end of the night, I could only locate the 3 shuttles below with the stickers intact!
Used Black No1 with labels still intact - only ones from the whole tube!

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