Saturday, March 1, 2014

RCL Super Top

As promised, Mr Ang of RCL sent the following tube of RCL Super Top along for review with the RCL Black No1.

Tube colours

Shuttle cost lower and is lighter than the Black No1. Looks a bit more fragile as well.

From the next pix, you can see the cork structure is the same for the Super Top and the Black No1. Hence the difference in price reflects the quality of feathers used.

Black No1 (RHS) and Super Top (LHS)

How does the Super Top fare?

As per reflected from the cost difference, feather quality of the Super Top is below that of the Black No1. 

We tried 2 shuttles and initial impressions was ok ... until we started smashing. We used 2 Super Top shuttles and both had a feather snap after being smashed hard twice - quite evident from the the last (and large) pix below. Hence the Super Top was not suitable for my group of smash-happy players.

Feedback from another group I provided samples of the Super Top to ... the shuttle a bit fast.

My conclusion is the Super Top would be suitable for players who are beginners or social players, rather than competitive players.

Rear view of both shuttles
Close-up of one of the used Super Top shuttle

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