Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sintec 818 (revisit with updates)

Recently joined another group using the Sintec 818.

Pix from internet

Feedback after a few games are that the shuttle tend to slow down after a few hits. The slowdown seem to be on the later part of the flight. And a number of the shuttles from the same tube tend to be have inconsistent flight speed, Shuttle speed quality is thus quite batch dependant.

As before, feather does not break easily but tend to be ruffled easily. Would require atleast 2 shuttles if anyone does above average smashes during a set.

For SGD$29 a tube, I personally reckon there are better buys out there.


Came across some groups using the 76-speed version instead of the 77-speed, which is suppose to be the correct speed for countries in the equatorial region.

Please note all my reviews are for the 77-speed version

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