Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Revisit - Xzile RF-X3

For the past few months, I have been joining a weekend group using the Xzile Razor Flight X3 aka RF-X3.

Tube colours for the RF-X3

The good news is that the shuttle has good flight characteristics and the shuttlecock is of average weight.

Archive pix of the shuttle

The bad news is it is not suitable for any smashing game. We tried playing a more intense game using the RF-X3. By 9-points, we had to change 3 shuttles - averaging 3-points per shuttle??? And the game was just getting warm up - we were not smashing that hard yet! We had to tone down the pace of the game (... [spoiling the enjoyment] ... bummer) as the organiser would scream murder!!!

Hence the shuttle is NOT suitable for intense games.

Do shop around as prices can vary between $20-$25 a tube. My personal opinion is that there are much MUCH better products for that price range.

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