Friday, July 1, 2016

Efeel shuttlecocks

Join a friend for a game and he bought a tube of EFeel shuttles to try out. He informs EFeel is a Malaysian brand of shuttles and cost about SGD$28 (around RM81-83) a tube in Malaysia ... hence not cheap as well.

Tube of Efeel shuttles

Apologies as no shot the birdie itself - build quality and flight characteristics was acceptable. Weight was average. The shuttle was just a tad slower than other Speed 77. Very evident when we mixed with the group on the next court and they were using my group's previous defacto standard.

Durability wise, the feathers does not break easy but has the tendency to slow down quite a bit after the 1st few hits. The speed remains consistent for a quite number of shots before it has to be replaced.

Performance wise, I personally think the eFeel is better than the Sintec ST 818 as it does not keep growing air-brakes shot after shot.

Downside is the pricing. Personally I find the EFeel shuttlecock to be a bit costly. 

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