Monday, August 1, 2016

Revisit - Li-Ning A300

Joined a friend's friend group and they were using Li-Ning A300 shuttles.

From memory, the tube colour scheme looks unchange. However, the shuttle feels much lighter than before. When I first used the A300 around 2007/8, it had good weight and hence provided very nice feedback upon contact with the racquet. This A300 felt nothing like the original eg as if Gozilla was transformed into Pee-Wee Herman!!!

Honestly if it was a blind test, I would feedback it was a budget shuttle. 

Flight wise, performance was acceptable until a few hard smashes later. The shuttle would sudden slow down in mid-air ... time for replacement! Even so, the shuttle speed consistency is much preferable when compared to the Efeel and/or Sintec - atleast the speed consistency remains acceptable till it gives.

Durability, is acceptable for non-power smashing games. The shuttle rib-cage structure gives way more often than any feather breaking. However these feathers do ruffle easily and need to be coerce back into place after every point.

Cost, is always an issue with Li-Ning products as they are priced above the norm.

In summary, if cost is not an issue then go for it. Otherwise best look for alternatives.


  1. How about Fleet Platinum? Any comment for it?

    1. Checked with my friends who has used Fleet Platinum before. His feedback is quality has degraded significantly. Thus they no longer use any Fleet shuttlecocks.