Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Information from internet - Victor Carbonsonic

I did try to buy a tube of Carbonsonic No1 to try-out from the local Victor agent but was informed they have no plans to make the Carbonsonic available to the Singapore/Malaysian market. No further clearification received on the matter. Sometimes you really must wonder why the local agent would not want to bring this shuttle into the market ....

Checking around on the internet, the Ozzie agent is selling the Carbonsonic at more than AUD34 per tube of 6 shuttles in Australia!!! Hence importing a tube for testing would became extremely expensive.

Thus I did the next best thing - search the internet for any additional information and found the following.
Carbonsonic cork structure and external appearance

Real feather shuttle (LHS) vs Carbonsonic (RHS)
Feather length of feather shuttle
"Feather" length of Carbonsonic shuttle

Width of feather (LHS) vs Carbonsonic (RHS) shuttle
Weight of feather (LHS) vs Carbonsonic (RHS) shuttle

The only real review (not staged) I could locate on the Carbonsonic was on YouTube by couple of Canadian(s) sports shop owner who are also professional badminton players. Basically they rate the Carbonsonic as an stand-in between feather shuttlecocks and nylon shuttlecocks - as a good replacement for the lower end feather shuttlecocks eg AS10, etc. The Carbonsonic is a bit faster than a feather shuttle when they were stroking. Durability is reported to be outstanding by the original Victor demo on YouTube by Zhao Jian Hua, Martin Frost and Sun Jun.

Will update once I am able to obtain the Carbonsonic for testing.

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