Tuesday, February 12, 2013

ProAce AT-75

Previously we purchased 4 tubes to try out the shuttles, as some of my regulars had used the birdie elsewhere and were happy with it.

We discovered quality of the shuttles were extremely dependant on the batch. The good were Superb whilst the bad was TRULY BAD!

On the bad night, we ended up using both tubes - a record for us! We normally use 14-16 shuttles for 16 players playing on 2 courts, each court for 2 hrs.

Hence we will not be purchasing any more of these shuttles in the future.

1 comment:

  1. Had an opportunity to use the AT75 again when playing with another group.

    The previous results still hold true - good are good, bad ARE TRULY BAD!!!

    Seems the QA process is still inconsistent. Past consistency was by the tube. On this occassion it was by the shuttle!!!

    Hence each tube was a mix bag eg some slow, some fast before slowing down and few ok.

    In general we had to use 3-4 shuttles per set playing up to 21 - so much so the players were opting for the other brand of shuttles the organiser had available (not that it was superb but guess anything must be better!!!)