Saturday, November 1, 2014

Fake "Yonex" shuttlecocks (***Updated via Feedback***)

Was a visitor to a newly formed group in the East the other night. They advertised using Yonex shuttlecocks in Badmintoncentral. The organiser is active in MEETUP when I did a search on the net referencing the contact number.

Had a shock of my life once they passed a new shuttlecock for a game - you know it's a fake as the tube and the logo colour(s) are "off-tone", the shuttles are light with a flimsy rib-cage structure.

The fake AS-40 deforms after any 2nd or 3rd clears - not even smashes ...

Did not get a sample. Hence I found the following pix from a Chinese website. Atleast the selling website was honest and stated these are more suitable for cost-effective training.

Sample from the net

Quality of the shuttle cock structure is similar to the Prince Red in one of my previous post(s). Shuttlecocks in the above pix looks okay but trust me ... these must be the better condition ones from the tubes.

 Definitely will not be visiting this particular group again!

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  1. Such organisers using el-cheapo shuttlecocks and charging the players higher fee should not be supported by the community! Players supporting such "make a quick buck" organisers are only encouraging others to do the same thing.

    Another breed of the "make a quick buck"organisers charge super high fee(s) eg $10 each, to play in the housing areas. Players should avoid these groups as well as you are only encouraging others to do the same, without proper justification.

    For instance, I know a organiser who charges $9 per person for max 24 players for 3hrs*3-courts session. When he has 2-courts*3hrs, he charges $8 per person with max 18 players. He uses good quality shuttles as well. And this organiser does not even control the shuttle usage - he leaves the tubes with new shuttles by the net and let the players manage it themselves - I know of many organisers who try to control cost by only providing a new shuttle via 1-to-1 exchange eg need to ask for a new shuttle.

    If this org can do it and still maintain the balance sheet, why can't other organisers do so ... unless they are in it to make $$$!