Monday, December 1, 2014

RCL T-1000

One of the groups I frequent bought a few tubes of the RCL T-1000 after being told these were the Black Silver in new packaging (by unscrupulous shop in Malaysia) !????!

Pix from the RCL website

After using the T-1000 for a couple of sets, I traded notes with the other players from the game. The feedback were pretty similar.

The T-1000 is lighter than the Black Gold/Silver and closer to Black No1. It does require more energy when hitting low powered shots eg drops, tap(s) around the net area, etc. The T-1000 seem to perform as expected during clear(s) and smashes(s).

Durability wise was much better than Super Top and Gold No1. The T-1000 durability is about that of  RCL Black No1. Hence you would require atleast 2 shuttles for a smashing game.

Flight characteristics wise, the T-1000 is not as accomplish as Black No1.

Overall it is a good shuttle for amateurs players.

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