Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Ashaway Silver

Was playing with a group which recently bought couple of tubes of Ashaway Silver (#7 in pix below) to replace their previous defacto standard.

Pix from 3rd party seller on internet
According to the internet advert, Ashaway Silver is made using duck feathers and priced at $20 per tube. Has the Ashaway logo in white against a light grey (?) background at the rear of the cork of the shuttle.

Initial impressions are good weight and solid feel. Good speed and flight characteristics ... till the 1st few hard hits. The shuttle then tends to slow down quite a bit. Good news is that it stays at that slower speed consistently for quite a while. Bad news is that it is not durable once the smashing begins. Another con is the feathers are easily ruffle. You will know when to replace the shuttle as the speed drops quite a bit later. I verified my observations with another of the players in that game and he agrees with my observations.

Overall a better than average value for money product, at an average price.

If only Ashaway could fix the slowdown issue ...

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